Collection: The “Emerson” Birthday Dinner Collection

Inspired by my sweet little girl who loves all things PINK, and who loves her birthday, this collection was meant for a girly girl of any age.  Paired with two of our Mini Festive Magnolia centerpieces (which are sold separately but would be cute in any color), this table comes complete with: 

  • Gold and white confetti runner (cut to fit your table)
  • Pink and white “linen” look alike placemats
  • Light pink and gold chargers
  • Hot pink and gold dinner plates
  • Light purple birthday cake salad or dessert plates
  • Pink and white linen dinner napkins
  • Gold and white cocktail napkins
  • Birthday candles
  • Votive candles and candle holders

When order, please specify how long your table is so the runner is cut to fit your needs.  Also, if you want to purchase our Festive Magnolia centerpieces to go with your birthday collection, please allow two weeks for custom orders. 

Happy celebrating!

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