Festive but no fuss!

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love the holidays, dinner parties and any chance to celebrate with family and friends.  I love yummy food, fellowship and a fun and festive table set.  But I don’t love doing dishes and hours of clean-up!

I was born in a wonderful family who always did holidays, dinner parties and celebrations to the Nth degree.  When I became an adult and it was my turn to host gatherings, I had a whole new appreciation for what it took to put on a dinner party or host a holiday.  I had no idea the time it took to set a table, including ironing the linens, folding the napkins and getting the china and crystal out.  And, that was just setting the table!  Then, the hours of clean-up, hand washing the dishes and crystal and laundering the linens.  I was exhausted after hosting EVERY. SINGLE. TIME!!

I hosted family gatherings and dinner parties like this for several years until I became a mom – and then I decided I needed to find another way!  What I did not want to compromise was a fun, festive and memorable table and event.  But, what I was unwilling to continue doing was spending all my time prepping and cleaning-up…instead I wanted to spend all my time investing in those I love most. 

So, I started looking for fun table settings that were disposable.  I introduced paper plates instead of china and paper napkins instead of linens.  What I found was that I could still have the cute, fun and festive table without the hours of work.  And, when all my guests left, I could simply throw it all away.  Clean-up in 10 minutes – yes, please!

For the past several years, this is how I have hosted holidays, birthdays and dinner parties. And, it has been life giving for me and my family.  

And, that leads me to my reason why I started Festive Sets.  I want to make it easy for you to host holidays, celebrations or dinner parties.  I want you to focus on spending time with those you love the most – not prepping or cleaning-up.  I want to make setting a fun, festive table easy, turnkey and quick.  I want to help you make memories without the hassle.  

Join the journey with me and make Festive Sets part of your celebrations, holidays or gatherings with friends.  Follow @festivesets on Instagram and Facebook for creative inspiration, upcoming offerings and easy how-to videos.  And, of course I would love for you to share Festive Sets with those you love the most.